Rabu, 09 Januari 2013


Hi all you lovely people. Sorry for not updating for so loooooooooooong. Truly sorry. Some of you may have already know that Grand Indonesia is closing down most of their East mall for some big upgrade, and since we were previously at the East Mall, our shop was affected. With that said, we have moved and settled down at West Mall for now. Same level, 2nd floor, with an island unit. We are now exactly in front of "Made with Love", and beside the "Kamali" shop. J Sooo, please don’t be a stranger and come visit us again. 

Our contacts still stay the same, with phone number 021-23581120 and email address at mycupoftee.mcot@gmail.com or mycupoftee.id@gmail.com. :)

Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Groupon Disdus promo

Yupe, we do have a promotion ongoing with Disdus (groupon) disdus.com/promo.php?i=2008. Just to clarify a little on this promotion. What you are buying is basically a cash voucher. However instead of a regular cash voucher where you pay Rp.1 = Rp.1, you are getting it half off at Disdus, Rp.100,000 cash voucher for only Rp.50,000. 

What do you get for this voucher? Basically anything you want in our shop. The only exception for this voucher is is that the minimum requirement of material (sablon) you use is A5 size. If you shall exceed the cash voucher later on, you can add on using credit cards or cash at our shop. 

On details of how or what you choose, you can review our previous blog. :) Have fun and happy shopping.

Senin, 25 Juni 2012

What we do & our prices

This blog will be for those of you who are new to My Cup Of Tee. We are a retail t-shirt store that provides customization in designing your tee. How does it works and how much is it? We will try to explain in a few simple steps: 

1. We provide blank t-shirts of different models in our shop which of course, have different prices depending on what you choose. For example, a round neck standard t-shirt will cost Rp.90,000 while if you choose a polo shirt for man, it will cost Rp.200,000.    

2. Then you determine what designs you want. We have ready designs at the shop for you to choose. Or like our many customers, request your design to be made. It can be from an image you already saved and would like to be printed onto your t-shirt. OR just an idea in your head that you would like to be created onto your t-shirt. All of these ideas have to be communicated to our in shop designers, where they in turn, will try their best to design what you want. Prices of designer fees will varies depending on how hard the technical skills or how long it takes to get the designs done. It ranges from Rp.0. - Rp.100,000. 

3. Then from our wide range of materials, you can choose the color, the feel, the size and where you want on your t-shirt. In general, we have 2 types of materials, printing and cutting. Printing is where a jpeg image of the design is printed and transferred onto the tee using our machines, and this allow multi-color image on a page, and is best if using light color t-shirts such as white. Cutting is where you choose a variety of PU materials we have and depending which one and what size (from B7 - A3 size), prices vary from Rp.5,000 - Rp.288,000

Then once all are set and payment is made, we will process everything which will take 15 - 30 minutes to transfer to the t-shirt.

The whole process will take of course more than 30 minutes. On average, it will be about an hour. It all depends on the selection process of step 1- 3.

I hope that this blog will help some of you to better understand what we are doing. :) 

Faster way to communicate

Hi All,

Again, we thank you all for visiting our blogspot. We do realize that we sucks big time at updating our blogspot regularly. For that, we apologize... again ( I know).
We also realized that most of you click the message box to ask some questions that needed answer ASAP. 

Herewith, we would like to let you know that it would be better and faster if you can contact us via email: mycupoftee.id@gmail.com , or call us at (021)2358-1120, tweet us @mycupof_tee or send us a message in facebook. http://www.facebook.com/mycupoftee That way, it will be more efficient and a surer way to get to us. 
Have a good one, you all. :) 

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Christmas Time again...

Hi guys... Thank you for your support to keep visiting our blog. We know we sucks big time at updating them. Social network today such as twitter and facebook has distracted us mainly from updating blogs. We are truly sorry. :( 

With that being said, we would like to inform you that we are having a Christmas sale in the shop. Some selected items are on sale, up to 50%. So for those of you who are still shopping for a last minute present, come on over, and have your present customized with us. 

And common questions asked are "How long will it take to get a t-shirt ready." Basically, it will take us about 1 hour in total to settle the design with you and get the tee pressed and ready for you to take home. Another common question is, "How much is one t-shirt?" Frankly speaking, it ranges, and it ranges pretty big. Why? Because we have a variety of t-shirt models for you to choose from, and another bigger variety of printing materials for you to choose from, hence with all those different prices, we have to add them according to the customers' demand and request. But don't feel pressurized. We are always ready to serve you, so come on in and consult with us. If you end up thinking it's over your budget, the consultation is free... :D 
Who says Christmas shopping is boring? It will never be with us. See you soon..... and..... Merry Christmas guys....

Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Super hot selling tees inspired by the media and game world!

Hi guys, it's been a long time since the blogspot got updated, huh? We are again sorry for those of you who have been kind enough to visit us. :) Truth of the matter is, we tend to wander off in twitter-land more often. So if you do have a twitter account, don't forget to follow us @mycupof_tee or add us on facebook via mycupoftee.id@gmail.com

Anyhow, for the past few months, we have been busy updating ourselves with t-shirt trends. It's truly amazing how the media world and game world in this case inspire most of our regular customers. From hip hop to trance, to the game world, even up to cooking tv shows. 

Lately, the trend of LMFAO's party rock anthem seems to rock the house, and it rocked hard! All the t-shirts that have appeared in that mtv seems to be the best selling ever, apart of course, from the Bieber tee. We even have customers from other cities apart from Jakarta that ordered "Everyday I'm Shufflin'" tee. Even we got so excited over it that everybody in My Cup Of Tee learns to shuffle. :D 

Anyways, find below some pictures from our previous customers' requests. Enjoy and hope to see you soon in the store. :D 

Party rock anthem family designs
Party rock anthem family design

Party rock anthem design

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Robot tee- Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Party rock- It will get in ya' bones

Party rock crew/bitch
For TRANSFORMERS FANS, enjoy the best selling designs below: 
Autobots vs primes

I heart Optimus Prime!

You can even make a family tee based on transformer logo. Meet papa autobots.  


Then for a moment, everybody loves the famous Android robot with a personal touch. There were some girly Androids with a red ribbon, and some with glasses. Classic!

Meet the Android family tee
Then there were others like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, King of Pop (Michael Jackson), and of course the famous teen pop star at the moment, Justin Bieber who contributed to all the most wanted tees of 2011. :D

Michael Jackson silhouette
Believer 4eva siblings

 I'm a Belieber tee

Never say never - Bieber tee

Katy Perry Tee

Avril's What the Hell tee

last but not least the Angry Bird tee
We hope you enjoyed this blog. We did certainly. :D See you soon.

Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Give & Take

It was a loving month, this February... So instead of constantly waiting for people to give, and we take. We took the turn to give this month. (not that we've been selfish to you, anyway, right ;) ) We have loved you all along. 

So, we had lots of offers from various brands out there asking for My Cup Of Tee to support their events. We've always tried our best, specially if it's for a good cause. I mean, how many chances or opportunities in life were you given to help and able to?

There is this organization (sort of) that focuses on the needs of woman in Indonesia, and tries to support and encourage them. Lot of divorced woman, spinsters, or single mothers, etc. need more support in their lives. They need to be recognized, and Sometimes to know that people care in this world is a great feeling. I think this is what "selamatkan ibu" do. You can follow their twitter @selamatkanibu to find out more on what they do. So... they came and did their designs on our tees for one of their many events. We supplied vouchers for their event. Here's some photos of their designs. and yes... you can get it with us. 

Don't worry. What I'm trying to show here are not the weird looking people (who are MCOT's staffs), look at the designs. Those are original from selamatkanibu
One of the designs from selamatkanibu made by our customer
Apart from other small projects and events we've helped. This following one was the biggest one so far. Indonesia Tatler (magazine company), the magz for socialites (as we may know), approached us and told us they will be holding a "Fight for Charity" event. An event that will combines fun and charity altogether. How good does that sound? The funds gathered through this event purely goes to Sampoerna Foundation which supports and encourages education. 

So we thought since we might not be able to supply funds directly yet at the moment, why not help provide the tees needed for the whole crew and fighters for the charity event? Anyways, they will provide the funds for the foundation. How better way to do it, right? We felt like part of donating something indirectly, and it felt good. We busted and cracked almost every night to get the 60pcs of tees done for Indonesia Tatler, but it was worth it.

The event poster by Indonesia Tatler

The main design on the front of the tees, with huge title on the back.

The contestants and crew at the event
 Last but not least, we have started to be the official partner for Lunno the band's merchandise, an Indiepop folk post-punk local band whose inspirations are Coldplay & The Killers. You can read more about them on http://www.lunnotheband.com/fr_welcomelunnesia.cfm

We are proud to be able to endorse in their band's tees. Herewith is a taste of their designs on our tee. :D and yes... of course, you can get it from us, and you can customize it with your favorite colors or even put your own text if you don't want to be so obvious that you are a Lunno freak. ;)  

Lunno the band's lead singer tee